OpenNMS is an open source network management platform focused on scale.


The ultimate goal of OpenNMS is to be able to monitor millions of devices and billions of metrics. While it does quite a lot “out of the box” it becomes powerful when you start to customize it. This workshop provides a basic overview of the main features of OpenNMS and students can expect to leave with an understanding of how OpenNMS works as well as the ability to explore the more advanced features of the platform on their own.

  • Introduction

  • Installation

  • Managing Events

  • OpenNMS and SNMP

  • Basics of Provisioning

  • Creating Notifications

  • Dealing with Alarms

  • Monitoring Service Assurance

  • Configuring Data Collection

  • Visualization with Grafana (OpenNMS Helm)

OpenNMS runs best on Linux, and while expert knowledge of Linux is not required for this class, students should be comfortable with the Linux command line as well as being able to use an editor to edit files on the system.


Hosted by: Tarus Balog, Ronny Trommer
Held in English