Be ready to discover a new and very effective approach to monitoring.


Prometheus brings monitoring to another level, when everything is about metrics and graphs. It puts the data first, and takes advantage of multiple service discovery systems. This workshop will dive into its ecosystem and teach you how to get the best out of it.


Please note: the following Linux skills are mandatory!
  1. You know how to use SSH to connect to a Linux server and run some commands.
  2. You know how to edit a file on a Linux server.
  3. You feel comfortable with the command line.
  • Metrics monitoring: what are the differences between metrics monitoring and startard monitoring
  • Setup, configuration and maintenance of a Prometheus server
  • Setup and configuration of common prometheus “exporters” (monitoring Linux, java, log-based apps, blackboxes)
  • Writing a custom prometheus exporter/integrating prometheus metrics into an existing piece of software
  • Alerting with Prometheus and Alertmanager – From writing rules to sending alerts
  • Setting up Grafana to make nice graphs and dashboards

Hosted by: Julien Pivotto
Held in English