Be part of the unique OSMC Experience

The coolest Community!

OSMC differs from other IT conferences in many ways. OSMC stands out because of its great community that has developed over the last 15 years. Learn from other IT engineers and architects. Get feedback on your hardest questions and stay up to date about new approaches for future projects.

Best inspirations!

Our speaker talks are known for providing real added value instead of just being given as vendor pitches. The monitoring experts are ready to share all their expertise and want you to get inspired by their lectures.

Maximum interaction!

Networking, socializing and getting in contact with more than 300 like-minded international attendees is another core value of OSMC. We take care of that social aspect at our event. Not only the time in between talks is ideal for engagement, but also the OSMC evening event. That’s why we provide a lot of space and opportunities for discussion and exchange.


Keep up with the latest developments and trends in Open Source monitoring!

Leading specialists will present the full scope of Open Source monitoring and be ready to answer your hardest questions. Learn new techniques, exchange knowledge and engage with top developers.

The lecture program offers technical sessions, case studies, best practices as well as pioneering solutions and future perspectives. Additionally, several in-depth workshops the day prior to the conference are featured. Participants will extend their skills and deepen their knowledge in IT monitoring and management.

Meet monitoring experts, learn about new features and techniques and and connect with the community to share ideas.

State of the art monitoring

Check it out!

IT infrastructures are the technology foundation of businesses and their health and performance are key for success. The function of infrastructure monitoring is to continuously check whether all single components and necessary processes within one’s IT environment work the way they are supposed to work available, stable, efficient. Relevant data are collected, stored, and analyzed.
At OSMC you learn about future trends and objectives in open source monitoring and observability!

Think overall!

Generally, every single component which is part of a company’s IT infrastructure can and should be monitored: hardware, software, storage, utilization of memory, network devices and services, applications, divers processes, interfaces, directories and logs
Get to know the best open source solutions, from umbrella software to very specific.

Think one step ahead!

The main goal of monitoring is to ensure a smooth operation of IT infrastructure. Potential errors should be solved in advance so that they don’t become problems. Prevent downtimes of your IT that can result in loss of profit!
At OSMC you’ll get to know best practices that lead to higher availability and stability of the IT environment which is an important factor regarding your company’s success.

Think hybrid!

Due to the complexity of modern IT infrastructure it’s more important than ever to keep an eye on both local data centers and cloud-based infrastructure. Nowadays hybrid environments have become standard.
At OSMC you will hear stories about cloud, containers and microservices as well as the traditional model of monitoring hosts.

Think automation!

The larger the number of objects to be checked the more effort is required. In modern IT it’s usual to monitor massive amounts of data. That’s why there’s the need to automate workflows as well as being able to scale with your monitoring.
At OSMC you’ll get to know monitoring tools and strategies that enable you to manage workloads with effortless ease, gain speed and reduce error rates.


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