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About the Conference

The Open Source Monitoring Conference (OSMC) is the premier world wide event focused on open source monitoring solutions.

Since 2006 the annual meeting of leading international monitoring experts, it managers, users and open source community members, takes place every autumn in Nuremberg, Germany.

The conference program offers technical presentations, case studies, best practices as well as networking opportunities. The OSMC provides a great opportunity to keep up with the latest developments and trends in open source monitoring. Meet monitoring professionals, developers, users and engage with the open source community to learn about new features and techniques, discuss and exchange views.

Additionally several in-depth workshops the day prior to the conference are featured, where participants will extend their skills and deepen their knowledge in it monitoring and management. The last day of the conference is dedicated to a hackathon, where small groups of developers and users will collaborate on diverse projects. The Open Source Monitoring Conference is particularly aimed at system engineers, developers, network engineers and it managers.

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