IGNITE: A few cool new Icinga Notification scripts

Sol1 is releasing some new Icinga notifications scripts and this talk goes through some of their cooler features.

  • Slack – customise-able sizing, layout and includes
  • Request Tracker – idempotent ticket creation
  • Impact assessment with path – Check who cares about that thing
  • Enhanced Email – embed grafana graphs, HTML, and Netbox data in emails!

Now with all new shiny director baskets. Integration with Netbox Contacts is also demoed, so we can let users self serve which devices to get notifications for and how/why all from netbox!


  • Dave Kempe
    Dave Kempe
    Sol1 Pty Ltd

    Dave runs Sol1, an Australian based Open Source and Monitoring consulting company. With 20+ years experience in the field, he loves to share with others the knowledge he has gained. Dave has been building monitoring solutions based on Icinga and Netbox for the last few years, with many customers large and small.


Nov 09 2023


13:20 - 13:25