Best Practices for Secure Coding, Risk Scanning, and Ethical Disclosure in Open-Source

We will discuss best practices for safeguarding open-source projects, with an emphasis on secure code, vulnerability detection, and ethical disclosure. We’ll talk about how developers can write more secure code, the value of ongoing vulnerability monitoring, and the advantages of having a clear disclosure policy. The goal is for developers to contribute to a safer open-source ecosystem by following these guidelines, which will be spoken about, and attendees can go away with significant insights about how to improve the security of their own open-source projects.

Attendees will have received useful insights into the best practices for protecting open-source projects by the end of this lecture, and will be better prepared to contribute to a safer, more secure open-source community.


  • Shodipo Ayomide
    Shodipo Ayomide

    Shodipo Ayomide is the formal Global Head of Developer Advocacy at Polygon, and currently has 11 years+ of experience in technology and a track record in Building Blockchain applications, Web & Mobile development, Community Management, and cross-team leadership on a global scale.


Nov 09 2023


09:30 - 10:00