Built-in OpenTelemetry support in Elasticsearch clients

How we instrumented our libraries with OTel and what you can learn from it

At Elastic, we recently added OpenTelemetry support to most of our OpenSource Elasticsearch clients. This talk will tell the story on how we got there and what we learned along the way.
Elasticsearch clients exist in multiple languages (Java, .NET, PHP, Ruby, etc.), therefore we also created Semantic Conventions to make sure all Elasticsearch client instrumentations behave in the same way.
Attendees will learn about how to instrument existing libraries with OpenTelemetry and they will also learn how to interact with the community and collaborate on creating Semantic Conventions for specific technologies.


  • Greg Kalapos
    Greg Kalapos

    Greg has a decade experience in building observability products and spent the last 5 years writing OpenSource code. Currently he works as a TechLead at Elastic.


Nov 09 2023


14:45 - 15:15