DevOps Transformation: Introducing Incident Management and Maximizing Monitoring Value

In this session we will talk about Incident Management and Incident Response topics as a part of DevOps transformation. You will learn how to get more value out of monitoring your services and how to train, lead and support your teams to improve their incident response and introduce on-call. We will share our first-hand experience and best practices gathered within two years with over 40 platform and product teams.


  • Olena Kharchenko
    Olena Kharchenko
    Bridgestone Mobility Solutions

    Olena Kharchenko is an Agile Coach and Incident Management expert at Bridgestone Mobility Solutions. She is introducing Incident Management into development teams, IT and support teams and is working as a part of DevOps Change Team driving the DevOps transformation within the company. Olena is excited about process optimization, problem solving and automation.


Nov 08 2023


11:15 - 12:00