Elevating Open-Source Monitoring Ecosystems

Bridging the Gap from Alert Detection to Effective Incident Response

While open-source monitoring tools are indispensable in modern IT environments, organizations often grapple with the transition from anomaly detection to swift, informed action. This presentation delves deep into this challenge, offering a step-by-step guide to embedding robust incident response practices seamlessly for DevOps teams. We will dissect the incident response workflow into four tangible stages: Preparation, Response, Communication, and Learning. Attendees will leave with a practical roadmap to minimize user impact, reinforce a culture of continuous growth, and enhance their existing open-source monitoring frameworks.


  • Birol Yildiz
    Birol Yildiz

    Birol Yildiz is the Co-founder and CEO of ilert, a B2B SaaS platform for incident response. As an ex-CPO for Big Data products at REWE Digital and holding a strong Computer Science background, Birol seamlessly melds the developer and product strategist roles. He’s an advocate for innovation and customer-centric solutions.


Nov 09 2023


16:15 - 16:45