Experiments with OpenSearch and AI

At the intersection of search and AI, melding Large Language Models (LLMs) with OpenSearch opens transformative avenues. In this talk, we explore how LLMs can simplify the interaction between users and OpenSearch, converting natural language into OpenSearch queries. We will also leverage OpenSearch’s Vector Storage, enriching traditional term-based searches with semantic understanding. Dive into a future where search engines transcend being mere tools, becoming intuitive partners in knowledge discovery.


  • Jochen Kressin
    Jochen Kressin

    Jochen Kressin is the co-founder of both Search Guard and Eliatra. He has extensive experience in the Elastic Stack and OpenSearch and focuses on developing security and alerting solutions. Currently, he’s delving into how Large Language Models (LLMs) can revolutionize the search domain.

  • Leanne Lacey-Byrne
    Leanne Lacey-Byrne

    Leanne has been a developer since 2018, moving from a career in Pharmaceuticals. Starting her career in sunny Malta, she has gained experience with the Angular and React Frameworks and loves to learn new technologies. In her current role at Eliatra Leanne works on Security Plugin Development, an exciting endeavour with a great team. As part of investigating emerging technologies at Eliatra, Leanne is undergoing research into Language learning models (LLMs) to assist users of many backgrounds in generating Open search queries with LLMs amongst other uses.


Nov 09 2023


10:15 - 11:00