IGNITE: Metrics, Margins, Mutiny – How to make your SREs (not) run away

SL-something, error budgets, on-call shifts – SREs know it all, and many of us know SREs. But what’s the reality behind the job description first used at Google, and how do they operate? Are they glorified system administrators? DevOps folks gone platform engineers? Something entirely different? In this ignite, we will dip our toes in the waters of SRE, establishing a basic vocabulary and understanding, and take a look at how to (not) treat your SRE teams – because nobody likes a mutiny on their ships!


  • Daniel Bodky
    Daniel Bodky
    NETWAYS Professional Services GmbH

    Daniel is a consultant at NETWAYS and is fond of all things cloud-native. His duties comprise client work including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and GitLab, and training clients on those topics. He also occasionally speaks at conferences and enjoys learning new and innovative things about technologies, tools, and languages.


Nov 08 2023


13:35 - 13:40