Impact assessment with Netbox Path

Modern networks are complicated beasts, with many environments serving as platforms to host applications of all levels of complexity. Netbox as a DCIM is great at documenting the truth of what infrastructure exists, and monitoring automation from Netbox is well understood. Less well understood is how applications use the infrastructure to get their jobs done, and Netbox Path is our attempt to document this, and then provide impact assessment. The result is you can know that this switch-port carries the payroll database traffic, or this virtual machine hosts DNS for this network. When problems happen, Netbox Path provides a way you can understand what applications are impacted by the problem, and notify the correct users. Live Demo included!


  • Dave Kempe
    Dave Kempe
    Sol1 Pty Ltd

    Dave runs Sol1, an Australian based Open Source and Monitoring consulting company. With 20+ years experience in the field, he loves to share with others the knowledge he has gained. Dave has been building monitoring solutions based on Icinga and Netbox for the last few years, with many customers large and small.


Nov 08 2023


14:00 - 14:30