Journey to observability: tracking every function execution in production

This talk will discuss the technical journey converting a legacy monitoring approach to true production observability for the Ingress Team in IBM Cloud. A deep dive on the necessary code and culture changes that enabled our team to observe the performance of every single function executed in production. And how these changes enabled a 90% reduction in incident volume and downtime duration. The goal of this talk is to provide insight into the challenges, pitfalls, and successes of the IBM Cloud team, and generate a discussion on what is next.


  • Lucas Copi
    Lucas Copi

    Lucas is the Technical and Development Lead for Ingress on IBM Cloud Kubernetes Service and IBM Cloud Satellite. His experience includes cloud based distributed system architecture, DNS, application load balancing and TLS integration, and API, CLI, and data schema design. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, outdoor activities, and classic cars.


Nov 08 2023


15:00 - 15:30