Large-scale logging made easy

Logging at scale is a common source of infrastructure expenses and frustration. While logging is something any organization does, there is still no silver bullet or just a simple and scalable solution without trade-offs. After studying the most popular logging systems, Aliaksandr came up with his design and vision of the problem. The proposed solution fits ideally for SRE, DevOps, and system engineers who need to provide logging solutions as a platform for the entire company or team. It accepts logs from existing logging agents, pipelines, and streams, efficiently stores them in a highly optimised log database and can be queried at lightning-fast speeds with perfect integration with tools like jq, awk, cut, etc.


  • Aliaksandr Valialkin
    Aliaksandr Valialkin

    Aliaksandr is a co-founder and the principal architect of VictoriaMetrics. He is also a well-known author of the popular performance-oriented libraries: fasthttp, fastcache and quicktemplate. Prior to VictoriaMetrics, Aliaksandr held CTO and Architect roles with adtech companies serving high volumes of traffic. He holds a Master’s Degree in Computer Software Engineering and currently resides in San Francisco, USA. He decided to found VictoriaMetrics after experiencing the shortcomings of all available time series databases and monitoring solutions.


Nov 08 2023


09:30 - 10:15