Newest developments in Checkmk Raw – the open-source monitoring solution

The pace of change in IT continues to accelerate. At Checkmk, we believe the solution for all the upcoming challenges in IT monitoring is an open observability ecosystem: built on an involved user community, reliable partners, many off-the-shelf integrations, and a wide range of APIs for development, configuration and operations. Join us to learn about the latest release of our open source monitoring solution Checkmk Raw. Among the highlights are our completely reworked Grafana integration, performance boost for the InfluxDB integration, 150+ new or improved checks including Google Cloud Platform, Mobile Devices Monitoring, Cisco Meraki. Furthermore, we have news about sharing monitoring customizations, an extended REST API, and an enhanced user experience. What makes Checkmk 2.2 truly unique is our community-driven approach. We have harnessed the expertise of numerous individuals to build a monitoring solution that caters to universal needs. In our talk, we will demonstrate the power of collaboration and how it has shaped our platform. We will also showcase how the Checkmk open-source ecosystem thrives, highlighting some new interesting projects.


  • Lars Michelsen
    Lars Michelsen
    Checkmk GmbH

    Lars is the Head of Engineering at Checkmk, leading a team of around 40 developers. His first appearance at OSMC was in 2009, as the key maintainer of NagVis, a popular visualization add-on for Nagios (he still maintains NagVis as of today). That’s where he also met Mathias Kettner, the inventor of livestatus and joined hands with him to build Checkmk.


Nov 08 2023


15:45 - 16:15