Running the Infra at FOSDEM

FOSDEM is one of the largest OpenSource conferences in the world, ran completely by volunteers without charging any fees.
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  • Sebastian Schubert
    Sebastian Schubert
    Grafana Labs

    Sebastian Schubert is a Solutions Engineer at Grafana Labs and passionate about Open Source since he started using Linux in 1994. Sebastian helps customers on their journey to observability for their on-prem systems as
    well in the cloud, showing them the value Grafana can add to their day-to-day work life. In the past he worked on Mainframes, built clouds from scratch, and engaged with the Monitoring Community (FOSDEM Staff, Promcon
    Staff, modbus_exporter Maintainer). In his free time, he likes to go skiing, scuba diving, ride his motorbike or lend a hand at the Munich volunteer Firebrigade.


Nov 09 2023


11:15 - 11:45