IGNITE: Serving Server-Side WASM with Web Awareness with NGINX Unit

WebAssembly (Wasm) promises to change the nature of web applications. However, we should take a look at the needs of the apps decoupled from the browser.
Enter open source NGINX Unit. Unit is an application runtime for web apps and APIs. It handles the HTTP(S) front end, request routing and serving of assets, including the hand-off of dynamic requests. In short, Unit decouples the HTTP server from the application process. And it’s an excellent fit for Wasm’s sandboxed execution and linear memory byte streams.


  • Dave McAllister
    Dave McAllister

    Currently providing technical OSS insights for NGINX, Dave talks about the advantages of microservices and orchestration to solve distributed systems challenges, especially with open source. Dave has been a champion for open systems and open source from the early days of Linux to today’s world of clouds and containers. He often speaks on topics associated with emerging software architectures and practices, on observability and on how open source innovations power today’s world.


Nov 09 2023


13:15 - 13:20