Looking under the hood of our daily tooling


  • How to Git:
    – the three areas
    – good commit messages
    – branching
    – fetch vs pull
    – pushing to different remotes
    – solving conflicts without headache


  • Working on projects in GitLab
    – Web IDE
    – issue boards
    – graphs
    – release management
    – issues and milestones


  • CI/CD
    – gettin started
    – pipelines
    – tempates
    – doing it asynch
    – using variables in your CI


Suitable for:
Developers and administrators are both welcome! We are going to need some basics on Linux to work with. Basic knowledge of Git will be touched on briefly. This workshop guides you through the some of the things you can do with git and GitLab. The goal is to help you know better what you can do, and what keywords to look up in order to do it!


  • Feu Mourek
    Feu Mourek
    Icinga GmbH

    Feu is the Developer Advocate for Icinga – managing communications with the community, sharing insights on stage.
    They have been with the project for almost 6 years now, first as a developer, designer and now as the communication medium, speaker and also a git trainer. With a passion for inclusivity, accessibility and anything new they’re always happy to stop for a chat!


Nov 07 2023


10:00 - 17:00