A way to manage the full lifecycle of your applications



Argo CD is a powerful and flexible continuous deployment tool designed specifically for use in Kubernetes. It enables developers to automatically deploy applications to the Kubernetes environment and provides multiple features such as automation, monitoring, and alerting.

  • What is GitOps and what added value does it offer?
  • Fundamentals of Continuous Deployment
  • Argo CD architecture
  • Argo CD installation
  • Ingress configuration in Argo CD
  • Integration of Git repositories
  • Deployment using manifests
  • Deployment using Helm chart


Definition of target group:
Our Argo CD with Kubernetes workshop is aimed at Linux/Unix system administrators. Participants must have a solid understanding of Linux and Kubernetes fundamentals. Being familiar with a text editor of your choice is an advantage. The workshop is particularly designed for Argo CD newcomers. The basics will be covered both theoretically and practically.

After the workshop, participants will have the necessary knowledge to use Argo CD at a basic level and perform simple deployments.


Hosted by: Marc Zimmermann
Language: German