A tool for all phases in a DevOps lifecycle.


It enables teams working together in a single application instead of loosing focus in many different apps. Join the workshop and learn about:


  • Introduction into the GitLab basics
  • Kickoff: Your first own project
  • GitLab workflows with merge requests, issues and milestones
  • CI/CD pipelines and DevOps workflows
  • Conflict solutions and merge-/rebase strategies as a team
  • Best practices: Web IDE, issue boards, graphs, release management


Suitable for:

Experienced developers and administrators are both welcome. Basic knowledge of Git (add, commit, push, pull) is required, next to basic knowledge on Linux and using vim as an editor. This workshop guides you from the basics through practical experience of development workflows including CI/CD pipelines up to the perfect DevOps lifecycle.


Hosted by: Michael Friedrich
Held in German