At the beginning, the workshop shows how to integrate an Active Directory for authentication and for granting authorizations into Icinga Web 2. The users or groups of users can also be automatically converted into user and user group objects with the help of the Director, both of which are important when it comes to notifications. In the afternoon, the workshop is rounded off by examples of how notifications can be built in the Director and beyond.


  • Best practice structure for AD
  • Roles, user and user groups in Icinga Web 2
  • Imports of user and groups of users via Director
  • Building notifications with Director and beyond


Participation requirements
Being able to operate Linux from the command line including knowledge and operation of an editor. Familiarity with Icinga Web 2 and the Icinga Director for import and sync. LDAP should not be an unknown acronym.

Hosted by: Lennart Betz
Held in German