Observing and Securing Kubernetes Workloads

with Cilium, Hubble, and Tetragon


Kubernetes has become a commodity and companies all around the globe try to catch up and get to production as fast as possible. Meanwhile, security is often overlooked or postponed – sometimes severely threatening the workloads running on top of Kubernetes as a consequence.

In this workshop, we will take a closer look at common attack vectors on Kubernetes and how to avoid or mitigate them from the start.

In particular, we will leverage Cilium, a widely adopted container network interface, and its complementing tools Hubble and Tetragon to secure our clusters’ network and runtime environments.

In bite-sized, hands-on sessions we will go from securing east-west traffic to implementing file access and process lifecycle management.

Suitable for:
Participants need only basic knowledge of Kubernetes and an interest in cloud-native security to follow along.


Hosted by: Daniel Bodky
Language: English

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