Monitoring with Telegraf & Influx

A practical introduction from measurement to alarming


Welcome to the one-day workshop on system monitoring with Telegraf and Influx! In this workshop, we will cover the fundamentals of system monitoring and demonstrate how Telegraf and Influx can be used to collect, store, and visualize data. System monitoring is crucial for monitoring the performance of our IT infrastructure and proactively identifying issues. With Telegraf and Influx, we can implement a robust and scalable solution that provides detailed insights into our systems.



  • Introduction to Telegraf and Influx as monitoring tools
  • Installation and configuration of Telegraf
  • Data sources and collectors in Telegraf
  • Introduction to the Influx database and its functions
  • Creating dashboards and visualizations with InfluxQL or Flux
  • Alerting and notifications with Telegraf and Influx
  • Scaling Telegraf and Influx


Attendee Requirements:
Participants should have a basic understanding of IT systems administration and familiarity with monitoring concepts. Prior experience with Linux systems is recommended. Basic command-line proficiency is assumed.


Hosted by:  Christoph Niemann
Language: German